Community Spring Clean Up Week

We will be hosting our annual Community Spring Clean Up Week from May 2nd - May 9th. Please note that the dates have been moved up one week from last year, due to the impending road construction project. A 30-yard roll-off dumpster will be located beside the Community Center for disposal of your unwanted items, courtesy of the City of Hadley.

Please review the Community Spring Clean Up Week informational flyer, which outlines the Schaap Sanitation guidelines in further detail. A copy of this flyer was also included with the April utility billing statements.

While cleaning and preparing for our Community Clean Up Week, we realize you may come across non-allowable items, which you would still like to dispose of. An example could be items from the non-allowable list that contain scrap metal.

If you have additional items to discard that do not meet the Schaap Sanitation guidelines, please contact Mayor Rick Like at (507) 227-3177 to discuss these items. A scrap collector may be available to collect items in Hadley, and he would be happy to make such arrangements. Please keep in mind that some items may still be unacceptable, depending on the composition of materials.

We ask that you take advantage of this opportunity to clean up your property and beautify the City of Hadley. Happy Spring! 

Download "2022 Community Spring Clean Up Week.pdf"