City Ordinances

The Hadley City Council has adopted a set of City Ordinances for residents, businesses and property owners to follow and obey. The city code guidelines are set fourth in an effort to promote uniformity and compliance for all who reside and conduct business in Hadley. Thank you for doing your part to make the City of Hadley a great place for all who visit!

City of Hadley Ordinances become effective on the date of publication, or upon the publication of a summary of the ordinance as provided by Minnesota Statute section 412.191, subd. 4, and ordinances may be amended from time to time, which meets the requirements of Minnesota Statute section 331A.01, subd. 10. All City Ordinances listed below were originally adopted by the Hadley City Council on March 12, 2018.

The City of Hadley partners with the Murray County Sheriff's Office for enforcement of City Ordinances. Periodic nuisance ordinance reviews will be conducted, with property owners in violation of any ordinance notified and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, following guidelines outlined within our City Ordinances.

A listing of our current City Ordinances is available to view or download here. You're invited to click the PDF link next to the corresponding City Ordinance you would like to view. The PDF can then be downloaded for record, if desired. As additional City Ordinances are adopted and utilized, they will be added to this page, updating the listing below.

Additional information or answers to questions pertaining to any of the listed City Ordinances can be obtained by contacting our Clerk/Treasurer by email at

Please check back, as information related to City Ordinances is still being uploaded to our website.